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One way that we specialize in making happy customers is by locating damaged, repairable vehicles, fixing them and offering them to our customers who may not be able to afford that car right off the lot.

You Tell Us What You Need... We'll Find It And Make It "Like New" For You!

If you have a vehicle in mind, your favorite make, model and year, just give us a call.


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We'll use our resources to find a vehicle that you are in search of, negotiate a price with the seller and let you know what the total cost with repairing it to "Like New" condition would be, including a $200 Transaction Fee. If you are happy with that price, you agree to a 15% Security Deposit and we will purchase and transport the vehicle to our shop and repair the vehicle.

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This innovative way of acquiring vehicles for our customers at a substantially reduced price has helped to put Val's Auto Network on the map when it comes to "Like New" cars for a fraction of the price of a car "on the lot". 
We do this for hundreds of customers all over Michiana and beyond. Feel free to call us for specific details and let's start looking for your Dream Car!


Check out these links to Repairable/Damaged Vehicle Sources:

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Click here to learn more about Val's Auto Network & Repairable Vehicles

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