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About Val's Auto Network


Val and Tanya Gruzdov came to the United States from Russia over 30 years ago during the Cold War. Val realized at an early age that to be successful in the United States he would have to work extremely hard, put in more hours than the average American and use his head to find ways to earn a living in his new country. So Val and his wife Tanya put their heads and their hearts into beginning a new life and a new enterprise. 
The journey wasn't easy for two immigrants from their previous nation but the hard working couple pressed on and little by little persevered through the toughest of times. Soon they would build a comfortable life in their new country. Over the years Val and Tanya crafted the story that we all love to hear about. An American success story, made from hard work, great attitudes and perseverance to achieve the American Dream!

Today this savvy entrepreneur has figured out ways to be one of the most competitive, quality conscious Used Auto Dealers in the region. He has figured out how to deliver the best quality used cars to Michiana consumers... for the most affordable prices. Val says it has come from years of learning where you purchase, how you purchase and what you purchase. According to Val's customers, he's hit the ball out of the park.


"We have worked very hard to provide the highest quality used vehicles for less money. That's what our customers want so that's what we do."


Val works meticulously searching for the right vehicles, usually cars, trucks and SUVs. He most often finds them at large national auctions (sometimes police or law enforcement auctions) and more often than not the vehicles are wrecked or severely damaged. Val then has the cars delivered to his used auto dealership in Osceola, Indiana from all over the country. In fact, sometimes he gets the used/like-new cars from other countries.

He spent years learning the ins and outs of taking the wrecked or damaged cars apart, one piece at a time, repairing them with new parts and putting them back together so they are just like new cars. However, the magic is that Val has a lot less money invested into these vehicles. So the real magic is that he sells them for a fraction of what you would pay normally. 


Tanya and Val Gruzdov. Married and working together for over 40 years to build their American Dream



People ask me how we are able to be so competitive on used vehicles. The process may not be so simple but the answer is. We have spent many years developing the right alliances and partnerships within a huge network of vehicle providers. We purchase used cars, used trucks used SUVs and other used vehicles, from all over the nation... and at much lower prices than conventional used car dealers are getting. This approach enables us to buy right... and of course that enables us to sell at much lower prices. 


The next thing that is very important to us is to make certain that we only purchase quality vehicles. This helps us maintain a reputation that we are proud of as one of the state's best used auto dealers. We handle only quality used cars that are affordable for our customers. From Used Cars, Used Trucks and Used Vans to Used SUVs and used Crossovers, we are able to locate the very best of the best and again, make them affordable to our customers.


While we sell cars all over the world, our mainstay is Michiana, including South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Osceola, Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Plymouth, Bremen and Nappanee, Indiana. We also have many customers that come from the Niles, Buchanan, Edwardsburg and southwest, Michigan areas.  


We buy right.
We only purchase the highest quality vehicles.
We are extremely aggressive with our pricing. We sell right.We have been here for decades and are committed to staying here. You only do that by servicing our customers after the sale.
If you are interested in used cars, used trucks, used SUV's, used vans or used crossovers, feel free to contact me directly.
I am always delighted to help people find the vehicle of their dreams!​​​​​​