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Val's Repairables
High End Used Vehicles
Just Like New

5 easy steps
to getting a USED VEHICLE
that everyone will think is BRAND NEW

and the only way to do it... Val's Repairables!


1. Think About Your Dream Vehicle

At Val's we encourage you to live your dream. Think about the vehicle you'd love to own, but maybe can't find or feel it's too expensive. Decide on the make, model and even year you'd like to have. Dream. Dream. Dream.
Then let's see if Val's can help make your dreams a reality.


2. Call Us, Let Us Know What Your Dream Car Is

Once you know what your Dream Vehicle is (and you might very well already know), just give us a call 574.679.4683 and give us the details. We use our resources to find your vehicle, negotiate a price with the seller and let you know what the total cost is including repairing it to "Just Like New Condition. There is a a minimal transaction fee of $200


3. We Search Our National Network Of Damaged Used Vehicles

We'll use our resources to find a damaged used vehicle. Once we locate it we'll negotiate the best price possible. Finally we'll contact you with the total cost including the cost of repairing it to "Just Like New" condition. There would be a $200 Transaction Fee included. 


4. We Purchase Your Dream Vehicle And Have It Shipped To Our Company

If you are happy with the price, you agree to a 15% Security Deposit and we purchase the vehicle and have it transported to our shop in Michiana.


5. We Do Our Magic And Turn The Damaged Vehicle Into Your Dream Vehicle!

This is when Val's Magic begins! We inspect the vehicle, bumper to bumper, inside and out. From under the hood to inside the trunk, we take everything that is not in great condition and convert it into "Just Like New". Once we're done with our magic you will not believe your Dream Vehicle did not just come off the showroom floor!


Used  Vehicle... Just Like New!

This innovative way of acquiring vehicles for our customers at a substantially reduced price has helped to put Val's Auto Network on the map. For those of you that want a high end, new car but can't (or don't want to) pay the price of new... check out Val's Repairable Program! 
We do this for hundreds of customers all over Michiana and beyond. Feel free to call us for specific details and let's start looking for your Dream Car! 

Val's Repairables
Call and we'll find your Dream Vehicle... or search below. It's easy!

Call us today and let us help you find your Dream Vehicle!